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Voice Search – An Emergent Tech for Marketers

Aug 09, 2017
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According to a survey, around 94 percent of smartphone users reported that they carry their smartphones with them frequently and 82 percent claimed that they never actually turn their phones off.

As the world is moving at a faster pace, many technologies have replaced old ideas. All the queries are solved in the blink of an eye. With the increase in mobile device usage, the rise of voice search occurs. Also, the devices that contain personal assistant software like Alexa and Siri have drawn people to the idea of talking directly to the computer whenever they need to. Voice Search has been introduced for different and good result experiences. Now, the activation of Voice Search would generate the ‘best’ answers only.

We all know this since we are on-the-go and need instant answers, we do not want to skim through pages; all we want to have is the desired verified Google answer. The usage of Voice Search has been, therefore, recorded to be increasing rapidly. It doubled in 2015 from the extent in 2014. It has also led people to engage all the time with the internet more than they did before.

The most interesting fact about why people preferred this technology came out to be nothing but the Voice Search being typing-free. Even when your hands and eyes are occupied with some other stuff, you can go for this Voice Search thing to get your task done; this appealed most of the people. Cars and homes are where they use it usually.

With easiness, comes difficulty too. Voice Search is a bit complex as well. For example, if you say ‘What restaurant near me would serve the best burgers’ proceeding “Tell me the address asap,” the voice search algorithm will interpret the thing coming on second than that of the first. You see, there are complications too.

While making the full use of this up-to-coming tech, one has to be smart enough to take complete advantage of it; especially the marketers. Tips are as followed:

  • Using sharp and marketing based keywords which are consumed in general.
  • Including relevant location keywords to enhance detecting the place and putting forward the accurate results to users.
  • Content should be marked up to make sure it is ready to be displayed in answer boxes.
  • Each business must have its site, and each site must be optimized.
  • Paid search and organic search teams working together can improve the brand’s ranks.
  • Always keep the apps most considerable. Apps are what people spend their 90 percent of the time on, and therefore deep linking within your app must be used.

Voice Search continues to make its place in the corporate world, and it will soon replace other options. Maybe one day we see Snapchat App support for voice guided snaps being seen and created by the users as well! And people saying “Okay Snapchat Me” instead of the old-school Okay Google!

Digital marketing seems to get improved because of it as people require immediate answers to everything in the present age.

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