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Technology That Empowers Me

Jul 19, 2017
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The world has shrunk. Everything fits in your palm. Everyday tasks that used to take up minutes now take seconds. In all this web of wireless connectivity dotted by microchips, what is it that empowers us the most?

It’s social media, isn’t it?

If we rest our gaze upon the last five years or so, we see countless examples of several movements that took their roots in the digital world of Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps. Take for example the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that sparked up and spread like wildfire through the internet with many celebrities and users nominating each other for it and raising a lot of awareness among the public about the motor-neuron disease and organizations researching the disease were able to raise ample donations.

This was not the only instance where social media has charged up social movements with the recently trending #blacklivesmatter and #parisattacks

Social media has given greater power to change societies and traditional paradigms regarding issues of equality and social justice. Large organizations have taken upon social media campaigns to promote their products, and this has proven to be immensely effective. Brands choose a social issue and try to come up with a campaign that will provide not only a solution but will also market their product. A liter of light by Pepsi is a great example where the brand set out to provide cost-effective lighting facilities to deprived areas. Using plastic soft drink bottles, water, bleach and small pieces of corrugated metal, they made a bottle light that refracts natural sunlight and produces up to 55 watts of clear light across a 40 square meter room. The bottle lights, which require no electricity, are inserted through the roofs of houses and sealed to prevent leaks. This campaign achieved two targets, firstly it tackled a social issue and provided its solution, and secondly, it marketed their products. Such campaigns have only been possible with the advent of social media.

There are no dictators, no rule keepers on social media. You have a complete freedom of speech with people from around the globe listening to your voice.  Discussions related to almost every sphere of life are carried on social platforms even though many still believe it is futile to discuss matters of interest on the internet. Regardless of any opposition to it, it is an undeniable fact that social media has seeped into every crevice of our lives.

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