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Targeted Marketing Is More Efficient

Jul 21, 2017
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It makes sense to sell paints and brushes to an artist instead of a scientist, right?

There are around 7 billion people in the world, and the number keeps growing. In this ocean of ideologies and opinions, you cannot grasp everyone’s attention. And it is futile to waste your resources on impressing the wrong audience. A more efficient approach is to focus on that select group of people that would be the most interested in your products and services – or simply put practice targeted marketing.

Knowing your audience before you launch a product is extremely crucial to your branding. Not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer so you must focus on those who will be and that is why targeted marketing is so important in today’s market.

The same concept is carried over to large-scale marketing when businesses and companies decide who their most valuable customers will be? Will they be young people ready to try out the latest fashion and trends or will it be the more elderly, looking for practicality and comfort in the things they pursue? Maybe their products will be more desirable to busy people in business, or maybe their products are going to attract retired pensioners. Anyone putting their brand in the market has to tackle these questions first.

Targeted marketing also makes sales more efficient. Instead of people randomly choosing your product, you focus on how to attract a particular niche in the market and mold your strategies into caching those people that are most likely to buy your goods and services. You also optimize your outlook and image to be attractive to your target audience and what will be most liable to be their interests.

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