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Take a Break from Tiresome Work!

Jul 26, 2017
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Boredom is a word used in opposition to what workaholics like. Due to over-productivity (and unbalanced Supply-Demand cycle), Japanese Economy once asked its factory employees to sit at home and get their pays because they did not want to produce extra! What happened after some days was generation-breaking! The people sitting at home came back to work and asked their seniors to allow them to work while NOT PAYING them anything. This way, the company did not have to bear a hefty amount it had to bear in employee workforce expenses!

However, working continuously without a break does not let you stick (STAY FOCUSED) to what you have been doing. You need a certain amount of time to have a break from work. Your brain needs it! The above example applies best to factory employees, not to white-collar ones!
Taking a break does great help. It brings out more creative ideas making you physically and mentally fresh with better efficiency than before. You do not even have to leave your office for it; you can only talk to your colleagues for some time and feel relaxed. Or get yourself involved with focused targeting towards your favourite personalities! In Social Apps like Snapchat and Facebook, this is possible but they do not involve physical activity in contrast to what the study suggests.

With physical activities, Productivity comes back to you, and that is guaranteed. The reasons to why breaks are necessary are pretty convincing for anyone to stop doing their tasks and go for a smashing pause for a couple of minutes.
A 2014 survey said enough in this regard. According to it, people who take around 17 minutes of break after every hour (almost) are none but 10 percent of high performers at workplaces. Not just for the sake of mental relaxation, but also to get back with much-improved focus and concentration towards your work is the primary purpose. You just have to-
• Do some refreshing and comforting brain activities like puzzling, doodling, or scrabble; this opens up your mind a little too much.
• Go on a walk in your extra hours to have less chances of catching health related issues. Yes, 55 hours of work causes more than 30 percent risk of stroke and heart diseases. You can make important official phone calls in the meantime if you think it would just waste your time.
• The simplest way is to meditate. Meditation not only includes exercises or relaxing sessions but hanging out with your friends or coworkers, having a short conversation or just playing an online game with them work great too.
• Doing an indoor activity like making a cup of tea or coffee with your colleagues brings joy to you and changes your mood to work with better ideas.

They say that typing for too long create hazardous problems like tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Working more than your capacity, and that too consecutively can bring irritating mood and headaches as well. Hence, it is significant to know the worth of taking breaks during long spans of work. Your projects must be sharply designed, and for this, you must carry out some smart techniques of spending your breaks.
Love your work! Have a happy recess!

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