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Did You Know? Less than 6-Hr Sleep Reduces Life!

May 06, 2017
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Do you know what risks your death even higher than its actual probability? If you already have the heart disease risk factors? It is nothing else but getting under 6 hours of sleep every night, says the Journal of the American Heart Association.
There is a Metabolic syndrome (kind of thing) which is the mixture of conditions like high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol or hypertension which increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. However, due to the increase of obesity stages in the U.S., around 34 percent of adults, on an estimation, have this syndrome.
The significance of sleep and the consequences of Metabolic Syndrome have to be understood so that more lives could be saved.
The duration of your sleep does a lot to your health, in a negative manner. That includes weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular consequences as well. Even if you are walking every now and then for boosting your mind.
“If you have several heart disease risk factors, taking care of your sleep and consulting with a clinician if you have an insufficient sleep is important if you want to lower your risk of death from heart disease or stroke.”
Julio Fernandez-Mendoza

Possibilities are endless when we take a break from our ‘busy’ scheduled life! If possible, sleeping for a longer span of time can improve the health of hygiene of people and can change the outlook of those with metabolic syndrome. It can surely save the lives of many and also the money spent on various treatments! And too less, are people who want to keep their eyes open for a longer period of time.

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