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It Does Not Have to be Perfect

Jul 10, 2017
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In a world where our superiors expect nothing but perfection in our work, our parents expect nothing but excellent grades from us and society expects nothing but a whole, moral and ethical conduct; it becomes inevitable that our lives are centered around perfection.
However, us humans are not perfect. We have fundamental flaws in our nature and are often limited by our capabilities. We often cave into our weaknesses.
Nothing man has done ever been completely perfect. A margin of error has and will always exist. Even the most complex scientific endeavors function within a margin of error. So, it’s fine if you don’t achieve perfection in your work. It is futile to beat yourself up over it. What should matter is that the things you do and the effort you put in are the best of your capabilities.
Take pride in your performance knowing that it was the product of your hard work and dedication. Failure is a friend and a teacher, and in fact, no better teacher exists other than failure. It shows you your weaknesses and teaches you humility. Treat it as a friend and learn from it. In our journey from pre-historic times to the modernistic era we live in, failure has accompanied us all the way. It has shaped how we do things and has defined our dreams and goals.Instead of seeking perfection, we must work to be unique; and the little imperfections we carry are all that make us different. They are what makes us human.

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