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If I Were An Advertiser Today

Jul 20, 2017
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You are in your living room with the air conditioner on and droughts of cold, crisp air brushing your face. Lounging on your couch, you look around for something to blow your boredom away. A random magazine catches your eye, and as you flip through it, all you can find is perfectly chiseled people smiling at either, a bottle of detergent or some other household product that only serves to remind you of tedious and boring chores.

If you go through advertisements and posters, you are instantly bombarded with slogans and cliched dialogues proclaiming things that you have never seen. For example, a perfect wash after just one cycle of the washing machine. I highly doubt anyone has ever experienced such a miracle. Or else you see a toothpaste ad on television and what do they show you? A guy turns his life around, gets the promotion, gets the girl and the car, and he does all that by simply changing his toothpaste. The last time I changed my toothpaste the only development I encountered was the strange new taste left in my mouth by the new paste.

If years and years of marketing research has reached the conclusion that spamming the consumer’s life with meaningless advertisements is effective, then I can’t help but wonder if we need a fresh perspective on this whole ad business. Sure, once in a while you see an ad that genuinely grasps your attention leaves a lasting impact. But most of the time you have to deal with the short burst of exasperation that accompany unnecessary advertisements. I believe commercials would stand to gain more if they were a little realistic and talked to us directly instead of subtly trying to engage our sub-consciousness.

Instead of bringing in celebrities that everyone knows are being paid to sing laurels for the brand or models that are further refined by Photoshop, advertisers should keep their commercials short, to the point and informative. Yes, visually attraction is a forte of commercials, but instead of over focusing too much on visuals, actual information and consumer satisfaction should also be used to provide a contrast to those perfect and unrealistic images that we are so used seeing.

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