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How Will VR And AR Influence Marketing In The Future?

Jul 23, 2017
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Marketing has been one of the most subtle aspects of the business. With the ever-changing media hot on its tail, marketers must ensure that they are always a step ahead of their competitors. In the past few decades, we have seen the explosion of digital media and new, novel ways of marketing have taken roots. The most recent boom has been the virtual reality with its coveted ability to immerse the user into a projected world. And that alternate-reality can be a central tool in influencing the consumer’s ideas and experiences. While all that may seem incredibly innovative and exciting, let’s look at how it may or may not change the world of marketing.

Visual immersion

All throughout history, our imagination has been locked up inside the confines of our skull, but Virtual reality has completely changed the way we imagine things and how we interact with the projections of our mind. Seems exciting, right?

Now imagine having the power to control another person’s imagination.

That is how powerful VR can be. And for digital marketers, this is nothing short of manna. Integrating their ideas in our first-hand experiences can shape our opinions strongly in their favor.

First-hand experience

While shopping online, most people face the issue of whether the actual product would look like anything shown in the pictures. And that is a well-placed doubt. But with the emergence of VR, consumers will have a first-hand feel of the product instead of a 2-D or 3-D representation, and this will remove a lot of ambiguity while striking a deal online.

This is not only limited to online shopping, but it has its implications in a variety of areas like design and architecture. The client can be shown the interactive VR design of the product, and then they can decide with greater ease and peace of mind that whether what they are paying for is as they expect it to be. In fact, this in itself can be taken to the next step where the clients can make custom changes to the design according to their tastes and receive products that are specifically tailored to their own needs.

Augmented reality

However cool VR may seem, it still needs a little tuning up. VR headsets are not as widely available as smartphones and are expensive, especially if you are looking for a quality VR experience. Here, augmented reality plays its hand. Augmented reality can project reality inside your smartphones. A lot of major companies use this to their advantage, the best example being that of LEGO and IKEA.

Both of them allow customers to use their smartphones and with the help of an app, see a visual and real-time projection of their goods inside their cameras.

For example, if you are shopping at an IKEA store, you can use augmented reality to see the furniture assemble itself and view its size and features.

The same goes for LEGO where you can see the complete LEGO set in augmented reality. A feature that LEGO calls its “nagging feature” because once kids see their sets come to life in real-time, there is no way they’ll let their parents leave without getting it for them!

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