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How to Use Your Smartphone Camera for the Perfect Image

Jul 27, 2017
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Photography has become a common hobby due to the arrival of the smartphone. Nowadays, everyone carries a decent camera in their pockets but putting that camera to good use is the principal feature that will give your photos a professional finesse. Here are six ways that you can use your smartphone to capture professional-looking pictures.


Sunlight is by far the best light source especially for smartphone photography (note: duh!), considering that you really can’t pull expensive filters and flashes everywhere you go. An overcast sky is your best friend because it scatters natural light uniformly, giving your pictures the professional touch that you’ve been craving. Wherever possible, try and position your objects near large windows, evenly flooded with sunlight. Also, keep in mind that a strong sunlight from only one side will not yield the best result unless, of course, you are aiming for a particular effect.

Just as sunlight is your best pal, artificial lights are your enemy. Incandescent/fluorescent lighting blurs your photos giving them a “grainy” effect that will vastly reduce your picture quality


Pixels are to a photograph that Jarvis is to Ironman. Zooming is a very elementary mistake that is common amongst new or amateur photographers. When capturing a picture of an object at a distance, it is far better to crop the image instead of zooming in. Cropping will preserve the pixels.


While there may be some unspoken rules about photography, don’t feel bound by them. Do not be afraid to try out different angles, setting or background for your photos. In fact, try and capture your subject from as many angles as possible then select the one that appeals most to your taste. The perfect shot does not come the first time, but it takes time and perseverance. Don’t worry if your first shot isn’t the one. The chances are that the perfect shot may lie just a few clicks ahead so don’t stop clicking away!


Editing a photograph after selecting it is somewhat a rule of thumb. Many free apps are available on both, Android and iOS. Google’s Snapspeed and Pixlr are some prime examples that support a lot of features and a user-friendly interface. However, don’t go over the top with filters and editing. It takes away the “naturalness” from your pictures somewhat like what excess makeup can do to a person’s looks. Effectiveness lies in simplicity.


Of all the things that can add laurels to your photo, this one is the biggest contributor. Clutter in the background will only serve as a distraction from your actual subject. Use a plain wall or a large sheet of cloth/paper as a background. A dark background will give you the advantage of eliminating unwanted shadows, bringing out all the focus onto your subject.


A lot of household objects can give a professional touch to your photos. For example, if you place your subject near a window and use a shiny piece of metal (or even a white sheet of paper for that matter) it can provide an even tone for your subject.

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