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How Schools Could Use Social Media

Jul 20, 2017
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People walking with their fingers tapping on their smartphones and their eyes fixed rigidly onto the small rectangular screens is not an uncommon sight, and it gives us a fair idea of how engrossed we are into the digital world. Yet, our educational systems seem to neglect this and integrate social media into their curriculum.

However, incorporating social media into our educational system isn’t that difficult, and contrary to popular belief it does not prove to be a distraction. Instead, it has rather more favorable outcomes than expected.

Already, numerous schools have started using social media to their advantage. Primarily they use it to promote their institutions, courses, and faculty. Social platforms are also used to communicate with parents and pupils alike, keeping them up-to-date about the on-goings at their schools.

Schools hold various inter-disciplinary events which they then promote on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Recently, a lot of apps have been developed specifically for merging social media and education. Slack and Canvass are two examples and provide a platform for discussions, homework groups, and note-sharing. Teachers can record and upload their lectures so that students may revisit them during revision. None other than youtube has played the most pivotal role in bringing education and technology closer. With thousands of free and detailed channels dedicated to beginner and advanced courses, it seems that youtube is the closest into bringing the classrooms of the future into the present era. With popular channels like Khan Academy, Vsauce and Veritasium promoting education online, they have helped in increasing online learning.

Some schools offer optional online courses on sites such as Coursera (etc.) for students to learn and add useful tools to their skill set or just allow them to pursue a wider variety of subjects and study about topics that they are interested in.

With the growth of social media, a lot of newer and better utilities are sure to come up. The method will ensure education is no longer an experience confined to a classroom. But, that which encompasses all the tools and approaches needed in real life.

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