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Light Walking Activity Boosts our Minds

Jul 24, 2017
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We have always believed that the perfect physique can only be maintained by hitting the gym; however, what new researchers say about improving physical health is something that does not need heavy gym-ing.

Now, with just a simple leisurely walk, you can boost up your subjective well-being, especially adults who ordinarily become lethargic and inactive with time – according to the researchers from the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Mansfield. The researchers further held a lot of other investigations and studies which involved the participation of 419 healthy, middle-aged adults. They had to wear on their hips some sensors, so that their physical activity could be supervised over four days using accelerometers. The study additionally included details about them like their daily exercising, psychological health, stress level, and the kind of pain they experienced and its harshness!

Researchers also discovered that inactive people, mainly adults, had the lowest standards of health and the highest levels of stress, which implies that physical activeness is directly proportional to psychological health. People working for a living need an activity-break more than ever! Furthermore, inactivity and regular work tends to negatively impact the psychological health of individuals, especially in this cyber era.

However, the effects of physical activities vary by intensity and force. Light-intensity activity was related to better psychological well-being, and much decreased depression, whereas the usual intensity activity was found to serve the higher mental health and lower aching severity. The actions that are said to have light-intensity do not raise heartbeat, breathing or sweating. While those of moderate-intensity include walking a mile, 15 to 20 minutes, will slightly increase our heart’s beat.

Vigorous activities like jogging, in comparison, are not harmful too. Plus, all these outdoor activities keep our body energized in the daytime and ready for sleep at night; helping us sleep better instead of lowering our sleep cycle, hence adversely affecting LIFE! Adverse affects of jogging have not yet been found; and therefore, one can simply enjoy them. We do not believe jogging may ever be found unfruitful unless of course there are illnesses in one’s body which do not allow physical exercise.

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