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Google penalty checker tools that will make your life easy in 2017

Sep 20, 2017
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You wake up one morning, open your laptop and find out that your site has been hit with a Google penalty. What was once a stable stream of targeted traffic is now nothing more than a trickle of marginally interested people.

But you can come back from this. First, you need to find out which Google penalty you are stung with and why you have been penalized. Next, you have to know how to monitor for future algorithm changes to make sure it does not happen to you again.

In this article, I will share with you Google penalty checker tools that will allow you to see which update is to blame, and how you can fight with these problems in the future.

This list is not arranged in any order from the finest to the worst. However, it is a little bit split.

  1. Moz Change History: –

Moz manages a helpful page that lists all of the major updates, the date they happened and information regarding the update. You can also use this page to get additional reading to help you interpret how this problem may influence your site, or what could be coming in the future. This page is updated instantly after a significant change is reported so if you have seen a huge drop-off in your results, there is a fine chance that it is featured here.

If you are ever struck with a Google penalty, I would recommend that you use this tool.

  1. Panguin Google penalty check tool: –

The panguin tool from Barracuda has existed for a long time. It is simple, easy and brings a lot of information to you quickly. All you have to do is simply sign in with your google analytics account, and you will be able to see a map of your traffic immediately at the precise moment a Google update went online.

The vertical lines on the graph represent the various major algorithm updates to show you the effect they could have had on your traffic. If you click on any of the lines, it will give you a depiction of the update, why it occurred and what it could mean for your website. It also comes with a little dashboard of icons which allows you to switch on and off all the various causes for your drop in traffic and see a lot of the more confusing data.

What I think is that the Panguin tool is the best Google penalty checker tool.

  1. Rank Ranger: –

Rank ranger combines components of Moz’s Change History tool and their Moz cast tool to bring you all the information on the screen. It presents a deeper level of information for you about each update. But it is also slightly more black and white about what it considers to be a critical development.

If your chart is in the green range you are fine, once it is red, you are in trouble, and when it is blue, you do not need to worry about anything. It clarifies the information a little while providing a deeper insight into what might be happening. It is a suitable alternative for use.

  1. Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker Tool: –

Fruition’s Google penalty checker tool is less known, but an impressive instrument for pinpointing what made a difference to your website. To use it you will need a free account setup. But once you are in you can get a wealth of data. At first, you will see a plot graph of updates and how they have impacted your website.

But it comes into its own when you scroll below the fold and view the written date. In the chart, it will show you recent Google algorithm update, and calculate the contingency that it will have changed traffic to your website. You are even able to view the developments in traffic that it could bring you through different gadgets.

  1. MozCast: –

If you wish your data were delivered to you in a more bite-sized chunk, a good alternate to Accuranker is MozCast. MozCast exhibits the current state of Google’s activity like a weather forecast, showing a daily weather report.

If the forecast is getting hotter and stormier, you can be heading towards an algorithm update. And if it is calm and clear skies, the rankings will be staying where they are. You do not have the same level of adaptability as with the Accurank tool, but it is nice if you want a morning rankings record to see what is happening on a general level.

What to do when you have identified your penalty: –

Once you have isolated the issue with a Google penalty checker tool, you can start to analyze the origin of the problem. You must remember that correlation of your search traffic falling with an algorithm update does not mean it is the update at flaw, for example, your website might have been hacked and may be hosting malware.

Always examine Google Search Console for wrong messages or complications before anything else.


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