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Elements of a Marketing Campaign

Jul 27, 2017
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There are SIX essential aspects of a successful marketing campaign. These are: –

1. Your target: whom do you want to appeal.

2. The list: to single out contacts that fit that profile as well as specialized forms.

3. The value proposition: to get your message right.

4. The offer (call to action): don’t leave the conversation without offering more to those who are interested.

5. The delivery method: how are you going to convey the message to your target audience?

6. The follow up: your campaign is only as good as your follow up.


It is one of the most crucial in the process of planning a marketing campaign. The more you narrow down the people you are talking to, which will benefit from your service, the better the results you will gain. From industries to roles to ages, decide whom you want to reach and why they need your services.


Once you have the target clarification, you need to determine the set of contacts that fit the figure. At first, we should look at the organization for contacts, Salespeople’s bills of contact, and opt-in lists collected from our Web site, other departments and existing customers are all sources to turn to first. People whom you already have acquaintance with are more likely to read your messages than a stranger. Focus on your target definition. Professional organizations and advertisements that serve the market can be a good source of rental or purchase lists. We should keep this in mind that we must develop a good relationship with these contacts. If you execute your event as a one-time event rather than to build long-term relationships, you are going to be disappointed.


To get your information right, think about the target crowd you have identified and stood in their shoes. What are the complications which they face? Moreover, how can you assist them? Your value proposition is that. What value can you provide them which can help them improve their business or solve their issue? Tell them, clearly and without parlance, how you can do that. Make it real to your plan by giving them actual examples of how you have helped other organizations like theirs.


A call to action helps you determine the prospects who need more attention. We must remember not everyone on our list is going to buy; it is a small ratio that will view your message and a smaller percentage that will have any interest in it. We should give them a reason to ask for more information. Case studies, whitepapers, videos, webinars and any other educational content that you can offer are all great call to actions. Asking them to call you for more info is not.


How are you going to deliver the message to your targeted crowd? There is no right or inaccurate here, and using more than one method is always better (known as multi-touch marketing). Different people respond to various types of contact. Which include e-mail, snail-mail, web advertising, social avenues or professional organizations, and even traditional advertising in your list of options.


Your campaign is only as positive as your follow-up. Just like you your prospects are busy and get hundreds of marketing messages each day. You need to continue dialogue with them until they opt out or buy. Most partners do not have the resources to check messages, record, and address on the results of each campaign. Yes, you should test and evaluate to maximize results. There are probably many things that you should be doing. It is far more essential to keep marketing going than it is to make it perfect. You must always develop new ideas to attract the contacts to your company so that the follow up remains increasing. You should never stick to one method of marketing it does not appeal your contacts and makes them stodgy. It is better always to try new ideas to make your customers attracted to your organization and remain in touch with you.

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