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6 Snapchat Mistakes we may be Doing

Jul 26, 2017
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In the new cool game of the modern world, teenagers are just after what makes attraction work for them; more likes, followers, and comments are what they chase. That is their success statement, not even kidding!
Among all the apps that we have been skimming through on our phones to kill boredom, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook top the list. At least one of these apps is everyone’s addiction, and all of us are inclined to use them, so we do not even find this weird.
Snapchat among those apps is the one that is based on every little detail of the things you do in a day. The stories are way too expressive to show your side of the story about you, even if you are faking it- okay sorry! However, there are some small mistakes that you do not realize can make a huge effect on the way people think of you on Snapchat plus this also takes them to the decision whether they should continue following you or not. The problem and the solution along are as follows:

You post quite often, and this does not include charm in your stories after some time. That rarity thing which appeals people is finished. Post more influencing stories at a lower frequency. Also, the Snaps appear on the ‘recent updates’ when you post it more recently, so spread out your Snaps with breaks in a day and do not post all of them at once.

You might post on a daily basis and that too a lot of times in a day. It is also made up of too many images and videos which are irritating to people.
Also, they are so small that there is no enough context for information. Your stories must remain memorable. So it should not be concise or precise, either.

Your stories featuring the same theme and people is a turn off that you must avoid. Your content needs to be diversified. Spicing up your Snapchat is crucial.

All you need to use are drawings, emojis, filters, and stickers instead of just the images. Your Snapchat must be pretty fun for the viewers. Posting different stuff would help, not just some photos and videos.

Your viewers need to listen to your message in the videos. You should be audible so that they do not find it annoying to watch. You can make your videos communicative by using captions, emojis, and filters. Text can work better by not letting your followers plug in headphones.

If you are using Snapchat for a brand, make sure you are putting on call-to-action feature there. Viewers should have a basic interaction by replying to Snaps, going for more info afterward or screenshotting images from withing the Snapchat app.

Above are just some of the ideas to help developing better Snapchat stories for your brand. Snapchat for business is getting all high now. However, one should know all the compelling tactics to apply on it. Happy Snapping!

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